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1. Management & Operations

All owners are required to enter into a Management and Service agreement in order to maintain the high quality standards of the project. Infinity Management Ltd. will be appointed as property manager and will maintain and provide the services in a professional, high quality fashion. Various management packages with possibility of extra services will be offered to meet the different needs of individual owners.

(Please refer to Management Programme section below for further information.)

Common area service charge :

This fee is charged for the maintenance of the common areas of the development and is set at 45 THB per m2 per month, payable once a year in the month of January for the forthcoming year. These service charges are calculated on the officially registered indoor area, walkways and outdoor square meters of each unit.

This charge covers the following services :

- Estate security 24h / 24h - Maintenance of building exteriors - Pest control - Cleaning of the common and private swimming pools - Common area landscape maintenance - Upkeep and management of common facilities - Garbage disposal - Waste water management - Public Relations - Solving daily problems - Building utility systems - Building accountancy - Engineering services

If owners participate in Rental Programme, this fee will be included.

2. Sinking Fund

The Sinking Fund is a common fund pooled by every owner to contribute to potential major repair and maintenance works to the common areas and infrastructure and is set at 100,000 THB, 150,000 THB or 200,000 THB (according to the type of unit, see our price list above). This fee is payable to the manager at the time of purchase.

The Sinking Fund and the interests generated by the account will be managed on behalf of all the owners and is used at the discretion of the manager for any major repair and/or maintenance works subject to approval by the owners. The manager shall provide the owners with an annual set of accounts of the budget allocations and expenses.

The Sinking Fund fees are non-refundable when you sell the unit; they will accrue to the benefit of the buyer and remain part of the estate. On a yearly basis, a new contribution shall be made by the owners of the units at that time so that the Sinking fund will be replenished up to its initial amount.

3. Additional Services

During your stay, Infinity management can arrange for additional high quality services of hotel standard. These include : - housekeeping - linen and laundry service - room service, catering - baby sitting - transfer to the airport, etc. (cf. summary of services below).

These additional services are not included in the Management and Service agreement and will be charged to the owner (price list is available upon request).

In addition to those services, other facilities are available on the estate. These include squash courts, massage and spa, fitness, sauna and hammam, etc.

4. Rental Program

Infinity Samui Management has created a unique concept, the Infinity Hotel Scheme which will allow the apartment owners to share the success and financial returns of Infinity Samui without sharing the risks and daily problems. While owning a property on the other side of the world can become a source of headaches because of maintenance and rental management issues, this Scheme is created to uniquely offer…

- No fees to be paid for the maintenance of the common areas
- No fees to be paid for the maintenance of your apartment
- Meticulous maintenance
- Hassle free system
- No limit on rental returns for the owners
- 30 days stay in your apartment
- Housekeeping and linen laundry services during owner’s stay included
- Free airport transfer service for the owners
- Sharing the profits generated by the hotel services such as laundry and telephone
(excluding the commercial areas profits such as Spa and Restaurant)
- Performance driven operation with highest possible upsides
- Availability of 5 star hotel services and beyond
- All risk insurance included
- No Rental Programme entry fee
- No Utilities during owner’s stay to be paid
- No Wear & tears and non daily maintenance extra costs
- Flexibility for owners to place their bookings with a notice period of 30 days subject to availability and applicable block out periods of July, August, and from 16th December to 14th January. Should owners desire to come during this period, we will offer you agent rates.

Infinity Samui Management will pre-finance all the pre-opening and operating costs, will support any potential money shortfalls, and the owners will receive a return of 30% of the profit generated by the scheme.

To learn more about the Infinity Hotel Scheme and how to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us.