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General Info

1. Retirement in Thailand

If you donít like cold winters, Thailand is a viable option for seniors with a bit of adventure in their blood. Thailand has a special regulation for seniors. If youíre over 50 years of age, you can apply for a long term visa in Thailand. There are some conditions you have to comply with, e.g. you are not allowed to work and you may not have a criminal record. Also, one of the important conditions is that you need to have 800,000 THB in a Thai bank account.

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2. Furniture Package

We can assist you with putting together a furniture package. The price is THB 10,000 per sq.m on the total area (subject to 7% VAT).

We highly recommend this offer in any case for us to assist you with maintenance and replacement as required.

3. Good to know

Land in Thailand is measured in Rai, Ngan and Talang Wah.

1 are = 2.529 Rai
1 hectare = 6 Rai and 1 Ngan
1 Rai = 1.600 m2 or 4 Ngan
1 Wah = 4 m2
1 Ngan = 400 m2 or 100 Wah

4. FAQ

You can find a complete list of our most frequently asked questions.
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